Search Engine Optimization

Is a comprehensive term for all the methods that you can use to ensure that your site and content are clear on preliminary results in search engines
Seo SEO is divided into two parts

On-line SEO Page SEO:

All the processes and modifications that you make on the site itself to be configured for search engines such as adding meta tags Taj and how to choose the link page and add words with the decorations of images inside the site and the code of the H1 and most important of this is the content of the page, which must be unique from other sites And other processes that would increase your site ranking in search engines

The Odd Pages SEO: Off page SEO

It is all operations that we do outside the site to gain the confidence of search engines such as external links, but must be correct and not spam to avoid the punishment of your site by Google
Most of the methods used in the Odd Pages SEO are illegal methods from the point of view of the search engine that it is unacceptable to the owner of the site I myself is making links external to the site, but is obtained external links by Internet users
If the site provides useful content users will automatically move from the perspective of Google, but what actually happens otherwise, the site owner who wants to create a site for search engines on users to get external links will not be able to appear in advanced results because most of the sites that occupy Top Rankings Do Not Follow Google
There are many ways to get the highest rankings in the search engines, including the idea of ​​Seo SEO
The importance of improving the site and its different methods
Search engine optimization is part of SEM, the process of improving and configuring customer sites for search engines
There are two categories of practices used in site configuration for the first search engines
White Hat: a set of methods authorized by search engines such as provided by Google to the managers of sites, which includes content structure and improve the quality of the site
The second is
Black Hat: The illegal and repulsive tricks that white hat owners consider to be unfair and unfair ways to improve the appearance of sites. Black Hat method owners claim that the general goal of using search engines is to improve the appearance of your site without anyone else in the search engines.
Search engines display three types of results: CPC ads, paid inclusion in search engine directories, and natural search results
The aim of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today is as a separate service and part of the e-marketing services and it becomes very effective if taken into account before designing the site
Any cartoon site on the Internet does not succeed only to enter visitors and ways to enter visitors to your site, many of which are the most important SiO operations is to configure your site for search engines to appear in the first results for Google

Because Internet users who always search for products and often use search engines such as Google, they visit the first, second or third search result, and then change the search term so the appearance of your site in the forefront is very important